What is Daliado?

Why buy your second home with Daliado?

Fast. Safe. Affordable.

Find your favourite second home that is perfect for you, and we handle the process, including Buy & Manage in just one day. On day 2 you can move in.

We want to make it possible that more people can afford second homes. With Daliado you only pay a fraction of the original price.

Daliado uses a LLC structure that offers limited liability and uses (optionally) Blockchain to secure transactions and management of the Real Estatef


You can find the ideal second home for you. Our agents are specialized on geography and property type and can help you guide through the many possibilities. We enable you to find the perfect place.


We create an organization representing the second home. This will be an LLC in which every co-owner will have a designated part of. We also help find and evaluate the co-owners of the property. There are a minimum of 2 co-owners and a maximum of 6 co-owners per property. We do the whole legal and sales process. You do not have to worry about anything.


Your second home should be a place that enables you to relax and enjoy yourself. Therefore we take care of all the necessities. From furniture, cleaning, repairs, security and much more. We send you the key and the only thing you have to do is get in and have a great time.


Daliado's Calendar App

Easily schedule when you want to stay in your second home



Every Co-Owner gets their fair share of stay-time in the second home. Daliado’s calendar app, which is available on iPhone and Android, makes sure that every co-owner can easily book their time to stay.



The AI algorithm in the app allocates the available time-slots across all the co-owners. (Depending on the amount of shares you hold.) You can book from 1 year up to 2 days in advance. This offers plenty of time of pre-planning but also makes a quick visit possible.


Steps from the Ocean​
Álftanes, Reykjavik, Iceland
3 bedrooms
220 sq m
In the Heart of Toscana​
Marciano Della Chiana, Toscana, Italy
3 bedrooms
950 sq m
Beautiful South​ern France
Pégomas, France
4 bedrooms
410 sq m
Next to the Ionian Sea
Kontokali, Corfu, Greece
5 bedrooms
570 sq m
Footsteps to the Ionian Sea​
Pelekito, Corfu
3 bedrooms
525 sq m
Mountains right at the sea
Biniali, Balearic Islands, Spain
4 bedrooms
410 sq m
Enrico Materezi
Enrico MatereziLago di Como
Read More
I love to be able to go to my home during winter months. Having my video calls with a view at the lake is priceless.
Beatrice Gardner
Beatrice GardnerSantorini
Read More
We are a couple of owners in our house. It is really great and I love my second home.
Christina Hansen
Christina HansenIsle of Skye
Read More
Its beautiful here. I can take my dog and I come 3 times per year. To be able to get out and go to your home that you own is something special.
Sofia Johansson
Sofia JohanssonBalestrand
Read More
It is so good to have your own home. The other owners are a small group of people who also love and appreciate the fresh air in Balestrand. It feels good to have co-owners who think similarly.
Mylo van Gasteren
Mylo van GasterenTyrol
Read More
When I first arrived in my home, I was surprised how easy it all went. I could put my key in, and there was everything that I needed.
Adrienne Giroux
Adrienne GirouxSaint Maxime
Read More
My dream has always been to have a place in the Côte d’Azur. I did not think it was possible, but thank God I found Daliado. The co-owners seem to be like-minded, everything is perfect.
Elinor Hotchkinson
Elinor HotchkinsonLake Michigan
Read More
My house at Lake Michigan was 8 months per year free. At least. Daliado helped me to find some lovely co-owners who stay there a part of the year. So far I am really happy about how it went.
Timo Haufenstein
Timo HaufensteinBregenz
Read More
I was looking for many years to find a suitable home for the summer months in Bregenz. A friend told me about Daliado and I did not hesitate long to make the move. Now I can work from my terrace overseeinig the mountaints and the lake. Its beautiful.

Our Founding Team


Tim Retkoceri

CEO & Founder

Former Sales Director of the strategic AWS-Partner in Germany. Prior startup founder and extensive experience in digitalizing the largest Real Estate companies in EMEA.


Anastasia Mitina

Marketing Manager

Called “Dogecoin” Queen by the Twitter Community, Mimi is an avid influencer, marketeer and crypto-enthusiast. She has a wide network in the east-eu real estate markets.

Lucas Jäckel

Sales Manager

Lucas is an experienced and enthusiastic sales manager. His energy and professionalism help us find more and more people their second home.