Blockchain - The future of Real Estate

Why does Daliado use Blockchain?

Globally, real estate is valued at over US$320 trillion – an asset class worth more than all the world’s other equities, securities and securitised debt combined – and the largest treasure trove of wealth. This valuable asset class still works according to rules made over 100 years ago. These involve high costs for confirmation of ownership, transactions and many intermediaries involved. Mark Zilbert, EVP points out in this Forbes article that real estate transactions could become as easy as online shopping in the near term future. With the rise of blockchain technology as the backbone of the financial markets, real estate is still in the early beginning of being fully digitalized and incorporated into the latest blockchain tech. What is certain is, the disruption will come. Daliado is the world’s first second-home co-ownership company that leverages blockchains amazing capabilities to make having a second home available for more and more people.

Daliado Token - What is possible

Change your second home every year

Daliado Tokens can be easily exchanged for other tokens representing further 2nd homes

Increase your Liquidity

Combine Real Estate’s traditional security with an increase liquidity of your assets.

Leverage your ownership shares on the Defi Markets

Easily use your Real Estate assets to increase leverage on the financial markets.

Use Crowdfunding

Unfilled Co-Ownerships shares can easily be crowdfunded by an international community of investors.

Maximum Security with Tech used by Big Banks

We work only with the newest and best tested Blockchain systems like Cardano.

Reduced Costs

Transaction costs are dramatically cut and reduced by a subtantiall amount

How we integrate Blockchain in our model

Daliado is first a company offering newsys to co-own and manage second homes. The blockchain model here described is as of now optional. But the many advantages speak for themselves. We are more than happy to explain and onboard customers on this new and exciting journey. In these steps we explain in a simple and short manner how Daliado integrates the blockchain tech into its co-owning structure.

After finding the right second home and gathering the co-owners an (A)LLC is created. Daliado takes care of all the legal implications, signage by co-owners and much more. This LLC is incorparated into our Mother-LLC which has capabilities of tokenization of assets in any country in the world.

The LLC is split up into tokens. Every token represents a share of the second home. A second home can have a maximum of 6 co-owners. Every owner gets the amount of tokens according to the co-owning shares being purchased. One owner can have up to 3/6 co-owning shares per house.

Tokens are based on the blockchain and represent your share in the second home. Blockchain is the safest technology around and is supported by companies like PayPal, Visa, JP Morgan, Tesla.

Buying a second home through tokens with Daliado is as easy as it can get. We create a contract that states clearly your ownership in the LLC through tokens. The amount to be paid is then transferred through the bank.

Legally there is a minimum 1 year period that the tokens representing your share of the second home, must be held. In this time it is not possible to sell or trade the tokens for another second home.

Holding tokens simply means that you will keep your tokens in our patented token-wallet. Only you are able to access it, and you need to make a videocall to verify your identity. Together with other security measures we make it impossible that anyone else but you will have access to your tokens.

After the 1 year period passed, changing your tokens is so easy. Just contact us and we help you find another second home. When you decide for it, we make it possible for you to exchange your second home for another, in one day!

Our experts

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