Next to the Ionian Sea

Finally you are able to enjoy this wonderful second home. There will be a total of 4 owners. Here you find the price of your share for your second home:

$ 878,000

Built In

The Perfect Location

Like every great seducer, Corfu knows exactly how to reel you in. Sunsets, sandy beaches and clear seas have made this Ionian island a summertime favourite. But look past these easy charms and you’ll discover what makes Corfu truly magical: the scent of pressed olives, monasteries draped in bougainvillea, and fortresses that rise above bluer-than-blue seas.


What You Get

This villa has a private pool, a garden, barbecue facilities and parking.

The air-conditioned villa consists of 5 bedrooms, a kitchen with dining area, and 7 bathrooms of which two feature bathtubs. Its relaxing pools invites for cool drinks on pleasant summer nights, were you can let your feet hit the warm water. It features two offices that make it able to work from home. Giving it a perfect mixture of relaxation, family life and office-capabilites. This all makes that the perfect second home for you.

Our Agents

Sven Hoskinson

General Manager

Sven Hoskinson is our Real Estate Agent for Scandinavia. He has vast experience with the property landscape in Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. He specializes on luxury and middle-class properties.

Barbara Carcello

Business Agent

Barbara Carcello is our expert when it comes to Real Estate in Italy, France and Spain. Customers love her warm and open way of show-casing the perfect place. She is focused on middle-class and high-value properties.

Lin Case

General Manager

Lin is situated in London and manages from there our portfolio in the UK and Greece. She can communicate in chinese, japanese and greek. Her portfolio encompasses properties from the lower-priced end to luxury.

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